Philasia School of Instrumentation
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why attend?
why attend?The unprecedented growth of instrumentation and automation technology and so with the burgeoning demand for competent I & C technicians and engineers worlwide every country cannot afford to be left behind and remain static.

who should attend?
who should attendTechnicians working in the industry to enhance their capabilities, and for other discipline engineers would like to pursue career on instrumentation, controls, and automations as brought about by changing applications on their work site.

in house training

Philasia School of Instrumentation and Automation (PSIA) offers In-house training programs. The program is an intensive Accelerated Course in Instrumentation and Controls for professional and technicians for applications in their work in industries.

The specialized Accelarated Instrumentation and Control Training Course requires a minimum 14 participants, offered for average-6 day course duration on preferred modules. Presentations (power point, videos) and workshop in customer facilities (if permitted) are used in the training programs.

Introduction to Instrumentation & Standards
Industrial Sensors, Transmitters & Signal Conditioning
Instrumentation Symbols & Drawings
Industrial Pressure Measurements & Application
Industrial Level Measurements & Application
Industrial Flow Measurements & Application
Industrial Temperature Measurements & Application
Industrial Analytical Measurements – Conductivity & pH
Calibration of Working Instruments (with workshop)
Principles of Receiving Elements – Indicators, Recorders, Controllers
Computer-based Process Controllers – DCS, PLC, & SCADA
Final Control Elements – Control Valves, Selection & Sizing
Introduction to Automatic Process Control
Basic Automatic Control Theory
Introduction to Controller Tuning (with workshop)
Process Control Strategies
Process Thermodynamics

Download Course Design Accelerated Training Program

Japan Gas Corporation (JGC)
Emerson Process Management
Flour Daniels Inc.- Philippines
Mirant Panay Power Corporation
Emerson Controls
National Power Corporaiton Philippines
Phosphate Fertilizer Corporation
Philippine Instrumentation and Control Society
Unocal Philippines, Inc.
PSIA Public offering
PSIA Public offering
University of the Philippines
Mirant Global Power Company
Fluor Daniels
BP Petrochemical Corporation
Air Liquide Corporation
Lafarge Cement
Philippine Association of Smelters & Refineries
National Eengineering Center
National Transmission Corporation (NTC)
Semirara Mining Company

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